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SANCY Berhad partners with leaders in the healthcare industry to provide digital solutions for the industry’s most pressing challenges. SANCY Berhad continues to be at the forefront of digital Hospital Information Systems innovation, since its founding in 2018.

Our success lies in the balance between digital and human capabilities. SANCY Berhad’s diverse and global teams bring with them deep industry and IT expertise to support its partners making the shift from manual to digital healthcare. As SANCY continues on its path of innovation, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive and contemporary solutions that surpass their current needs, and instead prepare them for future challenges. We work in a collaborative model across our firm, and with our clients, to deliver stellar results that empower our clients for success.

About SANCY Berhad

When we formed SANCY Berhad, we had 2 primary goals:

  • Redefine healthcare systems functionality where we provide to
    hospital administrators, doctors, nurses and the rest of the caregiver fraternity, the ability to deliver GREAT services.
  • Redefine the cost models involved with the adoption of technology by offering a flexible OPEX price model.

Within just 2 years, we became the provider of IT-BPO (IT business process
outsourcing) services to 28 hospitals across Asia Pacific.

Our Story

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become the industry leader in Healthcare Information Management Systems, providing premier support for hospitals in their development to deliver affordable quality healthcare by leveraging technology and process innovation.

Our Mission

To provide the best in terms of technology that enables digital process improvement for hospitals supported by world class subject matter experts, ITBPO operations and comprehensive intellectual property. We also are committed to revolutionise the commercial models to deploy these technologies.

SANCY Group & Affiliate Companies

The SANCY Group aims to provide quality Healthcare Information Systems that are locally accessible.


SANCY Dubai is our office in the UAE, specialising in Information Management systems for Healthcare and other industries.

SANCY Clinical

SANCY Clinical is the sole distributor for the GETZ Clinical Operation Theater Information Management System in India.

SANCY Medsoft

SANCY Medsoft is based in Bhopal, India, and provides comprehensive Information Management systems for the Healthcare industry.

SANCY Technologies

SANCY Technologies is based alongside SANCY Berhad in Malaysia, focusing on developing human capital via HRDF certified programmes.