Our Integrated Telemedicine System


Embrace the future with our Telemedicine System

Our Telemedicine system enables the remote delivery of healthcare services by healthcare professionals and can be adapted to suit specific Tele-Medic needs, such as Tele-radiology

Solution Benefits:

Go Digital

Optimise your off-premise business processes
with a connected Telemedicine system

Enhance Reach

Overcome Geographical barriers
to quality healthcare provision

Patient Satisfaction

Reach more patients at
lower cost

Solution Features

Comprehensive Range of Modules

7 core modules & 2 supplementary modules
to suit your telemedicine needs

Live Video Conferencing

with up to 50 people in
up to 20 rooms

Currently Integrated Equipment

Stethoscope, Dermatoscope,
Otoscope, & vitals.

Current Variants

Telehealth, TeleRadiology & TelePregnancy
with other variants possible

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