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Comprehensive Hospital Digitalization Solution

Designed by doctors and built by technologists
Implemented in over 200 hospitals
Unified SANCY IT-BPO package optimizes TCO
HL7, SNOMED CT, DICOM compliant
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Employee Contact Tracing System

Enables contact tracing of your employees within your own premises by using customized QR Codes, which can be deployed quickly on the cloud and which comes with a temperature reading device.

Deployable Cloud Solution within 72 Hours

COVID-19 compliant LIS
Tested Clinical Flow in Virology
72 hours deployment on the Cloud
Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard
Reduce the time taken by 20-30% to get COVID-19 test results

Laboratory Information Management System

Complete Histopathology platform
Uni / Bi-Directional Interface
Laboratory Quality Control Module
Panic level alerts to care providers
Template or Parameter based results

Focus on your core business and hand over the management of your Healthcare IT to us which reduces your operations cost and improves effectiveness and efficiency.

Want to know how to reduce your operations cost?

Picture Archiving Communication

DICOM, IHE, HL7 compliant
Supports Tele-Radiology
Integrates with DICOM modalities
Diagnostic Quality Web & Mobile viewer
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“The practice of a radiologist interpreting medical images while not physically present in the location where the images are generated”

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